Young Entrepreneur

Sarosh Khan is active in various fields like Information

Technology, Marketing, Hospitality, Film Production etc. He is translating the dream of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in his ambitious project of 'Make in India' and Digitalising India at the same time. He supports and gives boosts to those products which come under the purview of production in India only. The Digital Marketing platform is provided through his company viz '3C Innovation Private Limited'. India is known for giving great ideas and making good products. But India lags behind on the front of pitching correctly at the right platforms. This is where his idea of bringing together the innovation, idea, product and marketing comes in. This became the founding stone for his company- '4C Innovation Pvt. Ltd.'

The launch of his Hospitality Company in Dubai Tibeen LLc was the step forward to the world platform eyeing the establishment of an Indian Vision on the World Platform. Sarosh Khan thought of giving world class infrastructure and services which has a mark of Indian hospitality culture and thus came up with this Hospitality Company in Dubai. Pushing it a little farther, he opened a Hotel with the name Imperial Palace in Dubai. The clients and visitors go there with the faith of receiving the best hospitality and services which has always been the trade mark of India from the time immemorial.

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