Sarosh Khan is a man with multifaceted personality. He is a young entrepreneur, social worker, sportsman, a mass communicator, film producer, director and actor. He was born in Kota, a city of Rajasthan, India. He was born in a family headed by Mr. Munir Khan, who had his background in the Army. His father was Lieutenant Colonel in the British period. The most important contribution of Mr Munir Khan was the deep research he made in the field of Ayurveda and he came up with a herbal based formula on body revival. This formula claims to repair and rectify number of diseases like cancer, brain tumor, heart blockage, diabetes and so on. His mother is Rukhsana Khan Afridi, who is the daughter of Seth Ali Mohammed Khan Afridi who hailed from Afghanistan. Later her father migrated to India and settled in Chippabarod Gordhanpura, Baran, Rajasthan. He was thikanedaar of Chippabarod Gordhanpura. He did a lot of works in the field of Social Reforms and Welfare. Rukhsana Khan got the motivation from her father and dedicated her whole life in the same field of social good. The present establishment of Adani group viz. Chhabra Thermal Power Plant is located at their land.

The heritage of extension motivation and social good flowed through his parents to him. Starting from a small city of Kota, Sarosh Khan made his name and fame in Mumbai and extended and expanded to the city of Dubai. In such a small age he has made his name in who's who of India and the world but never forgot the lineage and the heritage he owned from his parents. Apart from growing his business, he also does a lot of social welfare programmes like treating patients of Cancer through Munir Khan Foundation. Apart from this, helping and supporting the orphans and kids who cannot afford their livelihood. The sports persons from the field of archery and shooting who could not afford the coaches and equipments, he provides both to them.