As the fame touches the feet of a man, he forgets about the social responsibility. But the case with Sarosh Khan is diagonally opposite. He never left the genes that he inherited from his parents who are great social workers. He believed in the upliftment of mankind and so never left this field. He took it few steps further and attracted the attention of the people from all over the world to think, contribute and be a part of the movement of providing Social good. He started his welfare program by establishing a Foundation to treat cancer patients. He was moved by the fact that the cancer patients did not have any ray of hope of living life once detected of cancer. If any patient goes for the treatment then they have to undergo a long and painful therapy. Thus, his father dedicated his whole life in finding a herbal based Ayurvedic treatment for the disease. Sarosh Khan made this a mission and pushed the reach of this therapy to millions of people who got benefits from the treatment which not only extended their age but in many cases treated the disease from its roots.

Sarosh Khan is also the Chairman of Rajasthan unit of International Human Rights Association. Human Rights violation is a day to day affair world-wide even in the most advanced and cultured society. 'Might is Right' is what the influential people believe in. Thus, doing justice in the field became his matter of concern and thus his involvement in the field. Sarosh Khan is also very sensitive towards saving Indian Culture which is challenged in the modern society. He thus endeavours to disseminate information regarding the field and runs a number of cultural programs and makes short films to spread awareness in saving the Indian Culture. Apart from this, helping and supporting the orphans and kids who cannot afford their livelihood is the other area in which Sarosh Khan works. He educates the needy children and enables them to find their place in the society. He supports them in all other ways to enable them to earn their livelihood.